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      Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC

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      For almost 30 years, Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats has been building vessels with unrivaled craftsmanship. Nor-Tech takes pride in taking the time to make sure every stage of the boat-building process is done exceptionally well. Every detail has our full attention. The result is a top-notch, custom vessel that will provide owners and their guests with the luxurious Nor-Tech lifestyle. The gold standard is the Nor-Tech standard.


      Nor-Tech engineers and designs each boat in its fleet in-house. Whether they are working on a brand new model or an upgrade to an existing model, the process is extensive. Nor-Tech goes well-beyond the industry standards ... and we have our own style to incorporate that everyone has come to expect. They also welcome owner feedback to inspire our new and exciting designs.


      The open-molding process we use is a traditional technique that keeps the art of boat building alive, without the use of any water-absorbing wood. Each Nor-Tech Hi-Performance boat is born from the same handcrafted mold as those built before it. Its unique transformation process continues throughout the creative building phase. As the trigger is pulled on the gel-coat gun and the first spray hits the newly waxed mold, a Nor-Tech vessel comes to life. In the Lamination Shop during a 90-day craftsmanship process, woven fiberglass sheets are carefully layered in the mold. High-density foam is added for rigidity, and Kevlar and carbon fiber are interlaced into the fiberglass. Our expert boat builders now reinforce the transom, encapsulate the composite stringers in fiberglass, use shoebox joinery to place the deck on the cockpit sole and hull, and cut a space for the anchor. These are all the first steps to building your vessel's powerful core strength.


      You won't find any wood at Carpentry Shop, Nor-Techs are 100 percent marine-grade composite to handcraft the backing for seats, panels, doors, and lids. Our carpenters are true craftsmen, creating and perfecting custom pieces every day for each unique Nor-Tech Hi-Performance boat.


      Highly skilled upholstery artisans craft each cushion by hand, stitch by stitch, in our on-site Upholstery Shop. New boat owners can choose the perfect upholstery for them, among the limitless options. Everything can match, from the cushions and pillows to the mattress covers and couches. Marine-grade fabrics stand up to the sun, water, and chemicals, while also adding an individual style. Want diamond tufts? Inlays? All in a favorite color? Nor-Tech's experienced team is at the ready to make it happen. In the Upholstery Shop, knots don't refer to speed. Here, time is deliberately taken to ensure knots are pulled without puckering. The possibilities are endless.


      The personality of your custom Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boat starts to shine through when the first spray of color hits the hull. At this point, the boat's name has been gifted, the paint color chosen from the infinite options, and the hull-side design created.

      The vessel now enters one of our three state-of-the-art downdraft painting booths, where Nor-Tech's expert painter of 23 years personally takes it under his wings. Spraying is done by hand, continuously swaying fore-and-aft. All lines are meticulously hand-pulled. There's no question: The spotlight is all on your new vessel. LED lights line the paint booth walls and ceilings for proper color matching, consistency, and perfection. The boat will have the eye-pop of color, maybe even some special effects. It also will have maximum protection against corrosion. By taking care to paint your vessel with high-tech automotive PPG, we are preparing it for an exciting life on the water: smooth seas, rough seas, sunshine, docking, sea creatures, a myriad of activities. And hi-performance.


      Every Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boat goes has a sea trial before the keys are handed over to its new owner. Each vessel goes through a rigorous series of quality tests, making sure every system from the Mercury motor and Garmin navigation electronics to the depth sounder and running gear are working properly. We plane at low speeds. We go full throttle. After spending time going down an exhaustive checklist and the vessel comes ashore, there are a few final details. The boat is detailed and the hardware is polished until everything shines. The boat will have the eye-pop of color, maybe even some special effects. It also will have maximum protection against corrosion. At Nor-Tech, it's all about those details.

      Model Lists
      8 result(s)

      Center Consoles

      • 340 Sport
        340 Sport
        Lenght: 34 ft - 10.36 meter
      • 390 Sport
        390 Sport
        Lenght: 39 ft - 11.89 meter
      • 450 Sport
        450 Sport
        Lenght: 45 ft - 13.72 meter
      • 550/560 Sport
        550/560 Sport
        Lenght: 56 ft - 17.07 meter

      Day Yachts

      • 360 Monte Carlo Flyer
        360 Monte Carlo Flyer
        Lenght: 36 ft - 10.97 meter
      • 420 Monte Carlo
        420 Monte Carlo
        Lenght: 42 ft - 12.8 meter


      • 392 Superfish
        392 Superfish
        Lenght: 39 ft - 11.89 meter
      • 452 Superfish
        452 Superfish
        Lenght: 45 ft - 13.72 meter